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Thread: Lufthansa Airways.

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    Lufthansa Airways.

    Has anybody flown with lufthansa to South Africa before with firearms, I am thinking of going hunting there for a week in April and would like to know what is the rules with the airline and rifles, also does anybody know if you still have to get a permit for your guns if you fly through Amsterdam with KLM, the last time in 2009 I flew with KLM and I needed a permit for my guns transiting through the Nederlands?


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    You still need the permit for Amsterdam, one each way. Can all be done online.


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    Thank you Stan, do you know how long this will take?


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    Usually a couple of days.


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    My suggestion is that you try and avoid transitting through anywhere. Get to London and get out there direct. There should be a chance that your luggage and guns will arrive. We have had nightmares in Amsterdam, with one chap eventually reporting his rifle stolen. Miraculously it was found but this was after about two weeks! My stuff has always made it to Africa but my rifles were left on the tarmac in Munich and another time they arrived next day. This was on the way home each time so not so bad. KLM did manage to lose my gun when I was going to Italy! Have fun.
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    Thank you guys for all the info, I did fly with KLM in 2009 and had no problems then, I just try to avoid KLM as I wont have much time to get the permit sorted out when I get back from work.


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