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Thread: New toys - new Blaser barrels or Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter

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    New toys - new Blaser barrels or Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter

    Hi guys

    I've just had a variation through to add a new rifle to my ticket to complement my existing Blaser R93.
    Current thoughts are to either:

    1. a new barrel for the R93 (approx 950 including mounts)

    2. a new Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter (c.1000)

    I love the Blaser, but quite fancy a change.

    Any views?

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    i had a prohunter in .243 and then got a r93 in .308. every time i reached for the prohunter to go foxing i ended up dragging the .308 instead. i now have r93 in .243 and .308.

    the prohunter safety is better than the remmy one but doesnt beat the r93, its still cocked and the it makes a bit of a click when you go from locked to safe - enough to spook the deer.

    as for bipod work, my r93 is perfect off hand, wing mirror, bipod,sticks, window ledge, bonnet whatever - the prohunter was a pig - tight groups but never in the same place until i'd stiffened and floated it properly.

    and the set trigger is a recipie for an accident, ask my mate oli "brownpants"!!

    nuff said i think.

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    No personal experience with either rifle, but the second option gets you a spare/second rifle. Will you need it, sods law says one day yes - even the best rifle can be out of use for a problem.

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    A good point, having spent a fair bit of the weekend in the shops, I think I'll definately go for a separate rifle than a second barrel for the R93.

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    For what it's worth I love my Pro Hunter. It's never thrown a wobbly and the trigger is superb. Pretty it aint but useable it is.

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    Just like cjm1066 I've no experience at all with the two rifles . I am just asking myself a question about interchangeable barrels . How many users of interchangeable barrel rifles , change barrels without rechecking the point of impact ? It might work perfect , I've simply no idea .
    The moment the user isn't 100% sure about this , I think it's better using two diffrent rifles . This probably will be personal . Some people will always be confident , others will be checking it every time .

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    Having had the Blaser for about 8 years now, and frequently taken it apart for cleaning or carriage, I'd have no qualms about the accuracy/point of impact changing when swapping barrels. Ok, so I've not changed to a different barrel, but the barrel has been right off the action and replaced without any changes. I also normally store the rifle without its scope on, and similarly, there's never any change of point of impact. So long as the other barrel has a dedeicated scope/mounts to match it, I can't see it being a problem.

    I have found some other threads on here reporting such problems, but given that I've spoken to a number of other users who don't have a problem I have to conlclude that these were isolated incidents. I suppose that even Blaser occassionally turn out a "Friday afternoon" rifle!

    The Mannlicher just seemed a bit unrefined to me (with the greatest of respect!). For instance, the safety catch (although well placed) sounded a bit too loud and rough for my liking. Perhaps it gets better with time. I too just want a working tool, but if I can get something that feels a bit more crafted if its similar money (hence the thoughts about the Sako 85).

    Thanks for all the comments so far guys.

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    Hi Tulkinghorn

    I had sako's for years excellent rifles.
    I then purchased my first Blaser which I loved, this caused me problems with swapping back to different triggers on the sako's so I sold the Sakos and purchased all Blasers which i have never regretted.
    I owned a Prohunter for a short while. I had a gap for a 6.5x55 on my ticket and Blaser were in the process of swapping importers at the time so there wasnt any available so I got the prohunter it shot very well but i hated it compared to my Blaser's it was so unwieldy to use you can guess what I done as soon as they had some Blasers back in the Uk.




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    i think some people need to join a self help group - now thats what i call a magic carpet!

    from the top

    Tracking Synthetic
    Match Synthetic

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    Blaser R93 it's a drug once you got one you can't stop. Two offroads and a attache plus five more barrels and still after more.

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