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Thread: Made to spec Stalking knives and leather goods

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    Made to spec Stalking knives and leather goods

    Still working through my order book but thought I'd do an ad.

    Got a few knives going out in the next few days and a few next week. Also doing bolt pouches, roe slings, rifle slings and bespoke sheaths.

    Two knives going in the post tomorrow with their sheaths.

    Please drop me a line if you want anything.

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    What specification and size are those two and how much?................two nice looking knives by the way!!

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    I've sent a pm.

    But these are German N690 stainless tool steel and have stabilised handles, polyprop liners and a handmade leather sheath. They are 225 - 250 depending upon choice of handle.


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    The owners chose the blocks of wood raw and saw them being built along too.

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    Nice Knives there Richard
    I am getting into more of the Stalking Knives now. Getting a bit fed up of Bushcraft Knives but i will not stop the Timberwolf Knife


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    I took delivery of a `Dougster` knife a few weeks ago, and it is a great piece of kit, that is also fantastic to look at, and great to use... The fact that it is also evil sharp is another matter.

    A lot of attention to detail, time, and skill has gone in to producing the knife, and the handmade leather sheath is perfectly fitting. Appreciating the price tag on it was significant, I am very happy to have made the decision to buy one. I love using it, gralloching is just so easy with a proper sharp blade, and hopefully I will one day be able to hand it down.

    A very talented chap is Dougster...

    All the best.


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    Good to see a little more profiling of scales around lanyard/pommel area.

    Might your knife blank supplier be persuaded to produce a tapered tang?

    Its the only improvement I can think of.



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    Why would a tapered tang be an improvement ? I appreciate it's a popular thing to do, but not sure what improvement it brings.

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    It can bring the balance forward a smidge and make life a bit easier.

    This photo from Duncan shows how heavily skeletonised the handles are to reduce the weight considerably.

    The other two knives are having the prototypes go out soon, there are going to be more models to choose from this summer.

    Neil, I'm really glad you like using your knife, mine has just come back in from another doe and I have to say, I am too.

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