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Thread: stalking, pigeon shooting, vermin control

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    stalking, pigeon shooting, vermin control

    hi folks,

    myself and my shooting partner are currently seeking ground for stalking, pigeon shooting and vermin control.

    i know there are loads of other people on the same boat but just thought i'd try posting to see if there is anything available...

    we are based in inverness and willing to travell.

    both hold level 1 ( im working on l2 and my mate has just completed his).

    We are both experianced shooters, fully insured.

    please get in touch if you have anything available.



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    HArdly likely bud.

    Best thing is to get out there knocking doors, Some of my best new permissions were gained through the council as well.

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    cheers mate, just thought i'd give it a go on here.

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    Good luck Ally, if you don't ask you don't get.

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    Just sent you a PM.

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