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Thread: Range finders

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    Range finders

    So after taking a more ambitious shot than I'd realised at a Fallow Monday (still got a good clean kill) I'd like a range finder to make sure of range next time. I'm on a budget, some something around £100-£150 ideally.



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    I have a Hawke that I bought to replace my Bushnell which was stolen from my car.
    The Hawke isn't too bad; advertised to be good to 400 meters (depending on the target) - cost circa £120.00

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    I had one of these and was great for the money.

    Tasco Hunting Golf 400 Laser Rangefinder 8 - 700 Metres With Carry Case (RF0400) | Rangefinders | Buy Online Now!

    Must try to get it back from the person who has it!

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    If you're REALLY quick, there is a Leupold RX1000 in Sporting Rifle magazine this month for £150... RRP is around £400. Great piece of kit

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    Had the Leupold RX600i good piece of kit, just sold it on here a couple of weeks ago.

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    +1 for Leupold 600RX. Bit over your budget but simple and compact. Some of the cheaper units like MTC, Tasco and Hawke are quite bulky.
    Plain, simple and small gets my vote.

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    I picked up a second hand Bushnell Elite 1500 for £90 second hand and its great.

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    +1 for all the above. I picked up a Nikon rangefinder for a song - worth a look. If you're looking on Fleabay, make sure the search is in Sporting Goods and not just hunting - lots of them in Golf etc.
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    Have a Bushnell 1000,easily pings to 600 yds,I was lucky mind bought mine a sale, great litre unit'

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