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Thread: Intermittent Sako 75 "No Fires"- bolt issue

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    Intermittent Sako 75 "No Fires"- bolt issue

    Hey all,
    Just wanted to share some recent experience- I suffered intermittent "no fires" from a Sako 75, (typically at ~30m with a roe or fallow eyeballing me, ain't that just the way).

    Having chambered a round, the trigger would not respond, as if the safety catch was engaged, or as if the action had already fired.
    Firing pin indicator would show action as cocked.
    Round extraction would reveal a chambered round, no light strike indication, or very occasionally a very, very light strike.

    Being intermittent the issue was a sod to fault find.

    A bolt servicing didn't resolve the issue, but Peter Jackson of Jackson Rifles kindly and correctly identified the likely cause- a failure of the bolt security key lock. Apparently it does happen.

    Resolution: a £15 repair from GMK which dispensed with the security lock feature, fine by me, would prefer to explain loss/theft of a rifle w/out bolt to the Police than "oh, but it's got this lock on it anyway Officer).

    Hope this saves someone some teeth grinding

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    Every 75 I have owned, I always replace the key lock with a plain bolt shroud.

    ​Never had a problem.
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    Thanks, I wish I had known it was so easy to get rid of the security lock feature. I would have done that before I sold the Sako 75 if I had known about it.
    ​Regards JCS

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    With hind sight I had this happen the other day, and thought it was just me.
    Luckily only on a target.
    My first thought was the safety was on.
    ​Recocked the bolt and it fired.

    Geoff what part replaces the 'key' ?

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    Any chance of a photo of the bolt and a big red arrow pointing to the offending element please?

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    Rear of BOLT SHROUD, cylindrical piece with two flat sections that rotates when key lock activated.

    ​It wears, then turns of its own accord,,,,causing the problem.

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    part number please, and was that blued?

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    This happened to me on Mon night with one of my 75s when I pulled on a fox, has happened once before as well and I had no idea what caused the problem until now, so thanks for posting.

    Did get the fox once I had cycled the bolt but it was by now a lot further away than I would have liked.

    As per PKL's post above has anybody got the part numbers, I will need both stainless and blued to do both of mine.

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    In my experience the only way to replace the bolt shroud is having to pay for the firing pin,return spring and shroud all as one part from GMK.

    I think the last time I did it the part was about £250.

    Unless things have changed GMK would not supply just the shroud. You can however order with or without the key lock i.e. plain shroud or key lock shroud.

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    Got mine in Sweden, worked out around £80 for the whole assembly.

    firing pin, shroud, springs etc....
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