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Thread: gun stock re-varnished

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    gun stock re-varnished

    hi all,
    well i purshased an old cz601 last year, but the stock had white dull patch and was bad strached. I was unsure on what to do, i have seen and read lots of ways in how to rernish my stock.
    so i decided to buy a kit to re-do my stock.
    first i sanded(coarse grit) the main parts down, removing the old varnish and taking it back to the bare wood, the areas with checkering i taped off while sanding the rest.
    I brought a cheap paint stripper which i used on the checkering, took about 3 treatments and the use of a soft wire brush for these parts.
    once i had removed all the old varnish, i started to use finer sand paper working up to glass paper and the fine steel wool.
    These came in the kit i purchased, which a birchwood casey kit of ebay.
    I put 2 coats of the walnut stain on
    then 3 coats of tru-oil
    and 2 coats of stock sheen/conditioner. i used the steel wool to light sand between these coats.
    i also purchased birchwood casey wax, of which i have put 3 coats on., just simply rub on and allow to dry, then polish
    Im really pleased with the finish and in total cost about 20 pounds.
    well hope this info is usefull
    ps sorry about the ironing board lol

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    Looks like it's come out OK, got any before pics as a comparison.
    I have re-finished a few stocks now, still unsure about which oil finish I prefer.
    The TruOil is good and a wise choice for a first stock, but a bit glossy for my taste, although once well and truly hardened you can flat it off with wire wool to a dull sheen, which I do like very much.


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    hi neil,
    no i didnt take any before pics, the truoil has worked well, and the wallnut stain gave it a nice dark colour. The stock sheen/conditioner does leave a more dull finish, but l do like the glass type finish which i why i used the wax on top.
    Its not 100% perfect, and if i was to do another theres a few things i would do different, but i would use the birchwood casey products again.


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    Years ago I nicked an old broken stock from a gun shop bin, I used it for practise many times.
    For colour I start with the Trade Secrets Alkanet Oil, then their normal stock oil, gives a lovely deep sheen
    that has lasted very well on my .22lr CZ, and is easy to spot repair when needed.
    I also like using "Danish Oil" or "Antique Oil", cheap B&Q Walnut oil is also nice and easy to use, you can get
    great finish quiet quickly, then just coat or two of wax to seal it.
    Practise is the main thing, if you have the enthusiasm that is


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    Im about the strip my stock and want a dark none shinny finish on it. I have used tru oil previously and found it good however a bit shinny

    ​any ideas

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    after youve put a few coats of tru oil on, use a stock sheen to finish which leaves a duller look, but as neil says you could always rub over with steel wool
    good luck

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    Tru oil, funny name really considering it is as close to varnish as you can get.
    A proper old style dark mat or low sheen finish is all about the labour needed to get there.
    All the modern short cuts are possible because of oils with rapid hardeners, the down side is they are nearly all gloss.
    The first shotgun I did had over 40 coats of Oil of Alkanet and the same again of linseed oil, looked great, but it took so long to do
    and was such hard work I was almost scared to use it and eventually sold it, yes I made a good profit, but not enough to cover the labour. Lol


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    what do you use these day neil, 40 coats most take weeks to apply.


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