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Thread: Kelso weather

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    Kelso weather

    Hi guys, anyone local to Kelso? What the weather like down there just now? According to the bbc weather it's to be blizzards all weekend?

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    Well robert we have them just now i am sure i will still make it to the fair.

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    Spoke to organisers, apparently its perfectly clear in Kelso.

    In Castle Douglas however.... this is my path to house.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And the A75 is now closed East bound!

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    Ok I am north of Kelso but nothing here. West coast is getting hit but it has yet to cross the country. Type in Rain Now into search engine. Will it rain today will give you the lowdown on th sat pictures. Jim

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    That's good news then

    i will definatley be going come rain shine or SNOW!!!lol was just think more for travelling time. Was planning on 2 hours but maybe three if the weather ain't to good.

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    Keep up to date with the state of the roads here:

    Traffic Scotland > Home

    Looks ok that neck of the woods so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stringer View Post
    keep up to date with the state of the roads here:

    traffic scotland > home

    looks ok that neck of the woods so far.
    looking at metcheck its folk travelling from the south that are going to have the issues. The weather conditions look appalling over the next 2 days. Its a shame but i think people coming up from england may now be thinking twice. Personaly i cannot go anyway as i am looking after my wife with a sprained ankle and that involves having to do the horses. Good luck to all who go and have a great time.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    18 inches deep here!

    That was up to top of my 18" All Round 4mm Neoprene.

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    I was intending on coming to the show but the weather in Wales is bad here too,( nothing compared to Scotland though). I could probably still get to the show but if this weather continues, it ain't worth dying trying.
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    The frustrating thing is the weather around Kelso is perfectly fine.

    Our UPS collection driver from Carlisle has just told us that they have had to turn around at Dumfries and now heading back to depot full of parcels.

    Normally I will be the first to slither my way into work in all sorts of weather, but this, I cant even get van off drive now.

    Thank goodness we had a friendly tractor driver who could tow me home with no damage to van or to me!
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