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Thread: Leica Geovid BRF 10x42

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    Leica Geovid BRF 10x42

    Thinking of buying a pair of Leica Geovid BRF 10x42 bino's
    Does anybody know the range of the range finder on these things, I have been looking around on the net but unble to find this info.

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    Coming down off the hill two Thursday's ago I spotted my van at the roadside.

    Sitting down with an aching hip and sucking the energy out of my last sweet, I sighted my 8 X42's at the van.

    It was 1255 yards away. I must still have the booklet somewhere - - - - but.

    Anyway, I got to my feet and rallied up. "Let's make it 1255 yards less", I said to the emptiness.

    I do miss having my little dog at times like that. He would have swung his whiskered little head around from his habitual meercat stance in the long grass, and given me a wise old look - the self-willed little tyke.

    Anyway, Silver Fox; I did the measure three times and was a yard this way or that, but you know that you should get over 1200 yards or metres at least.

    If I find the booklet I'll pass on more info. Better still, look up the web for the specs !


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    Hello again.
    'Just noticed on my 8 X 42's that the rangefinder distance stamped on the end of the focus knob is 1300 YDS.

    I suspect that this will probably be the same in the 10 x 42's, whether in yards or metres.

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    correct 1300 yds

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