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Thread: caravan liability insurance

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    caravan liability insurance

    Hi there can anyone help me? I lease the stalking in some woodland and have a small caravan parked inside the wood which has been there with permission for about five years but I have now been advised by the forestry company that in the event of a fire or some other event resulting from the presence of the caravan that I may be liable and pursued for the cost of damages to the estate, I have been in touch with the countryside alliance who are my insurance but find they will not cover the caravan in my absence and after a lot of phone calls I have been unable to find any insurance providers who will provide third party liability insurance for a static caravan parked inside a wood which has access by the public, has anyone else had this problem there must be thousands of stalkers with caravans parked in their woods it will be a real pain if I have to remove it. ta Vic..

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    Ask the forestry company to supply you with the name of an insurance company to insure it.

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    Just had same letter we are trying to find someone as well

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    Try CBI Insurance ask for Peter, tell him Dave from the caravan warehouse recommend him.

    ​Atb Dave

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    Phone nfu mutual. They will sort it.

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    NFU wouldn't cover the caravan on my Smallholding.
    Yes I should have taken the Blue Pill!

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    Hi penyard my associate tried nfu they wouldnt cover it because of access by the public while it is unattended.

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    Anybody had any luck yet

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    I will also be interested in the outcome of this...


    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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