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Thread: LAYEN fox/deer caller

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    LAYEN fox/deer caller

    found this whilst raking through ebay. does anyone on here use one and whats your opinion of it? are the sounds any good?

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    I ve got one mate. Its ok. Dont think it likes the cold much. I only put about 6 calls on mine as it can be a bit tricky to cycle through the sounds when you get a fox running in!! It has bought a few in for me though. Its no fox pro as people will tell you but its a fraction of the price. Like every bit of calling kit sometimes they work and sometimes just your mouth is enough. Hope that helped? I will be using mine until I can afford something better which wont be anytime soon!!

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    hi thanks for your reply, very helpful! cant afford a foxpro either so have to make do with something like this also. it doesnt look like it would take much punishment. where did you get the sounds from and are they free? many thanks!

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    Sorry about the late reply. When I got mine there was a free cd with it with a load of calls on it. Most are crap but some are ok. Vixen on heat etc.
    Search on the bay and I bet the same seller is doing something similar.


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