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Thread: chesapeake bay retriever

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    chesapeake bay retriever

    Gents sadly due to change in my personal circumstances i have to re home my chesapeake bay retriever. He is a year old and has had some training ( walk to heel and recall)
    Please PM if you or someone you know can give him a home he is a lovely dog and i will be sad to see him go but i have no choice.

    ​ATB Andy

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    Andy , do you know Roley Hoare ?

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    ACM, No i afraid i don't, why would they be interested in my CBR?

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    He's a great friend of mine and breeds excellent Chesapeake bays , had some success at crufts this year and he always would have one of his own back . Sorry to waste your time mate , good luck with the sale .

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    Not a waste of my time at all, thanks for the thought.


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    You could put a post on the Wildfowlers forum - there are many on there who would give their eye teeth for a dog like yours & it would go to a working home which is what the breed deserves.


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    Had it been a bitch I'd have taken it .
    hope you get the boy a good home .
    kind regards

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