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Thread: Norma Ammo

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    Norma Ammo

    How much do people expect to pay for Norma .243 100g shells up and down the country?

    I've just been quoted 29 for 20, which I thought was a bit steep.

    I'm sure I paid about 25 for the last lot I bought back in the spring, and thought that they were a bit pricey at that

    Am I just getting tighter as I get older, or are the prices creeping up?


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    yes the prices are going up and up. i had a phone call the other day asking if i could get him some ammo as the shop he had just been in had put up his prices by quit some margin.


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    I've always found Norma to be a bit on the tasty side but worth it in moderation. I wouldn't expect to see any paper in my change out of 30 for 20 180gn 308s nowadays. I've just paid 1.50 a round for a bulk purchase of Sako Powerheads so the over the counter price you quote for Norma doesn't surprise me one bit.

    My dealer can get you steel cased 7.62 Russian at very competitive prices if you're interested. :

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    Novice i cant comment on norma but i just purchased a box of twenty federal ballistic tips in 25.06 and had to part with 39.80
    The shop owner nearly had to get the crow bar to lever the cash out of my mitt which makes norma sound relatively cheap.

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    You got a bargain! Last lot of Norma's I bought a few weeks ago were 36/box and that was shopping around. Only places I could find sub-30 only had the odd box left at the old prices. I've heard 40/box now not uncommon for norma.

    This week I have mostly been thinking about reloading

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    Aye! Too true. In due course I think it might be . . .

    "This week I 'ave been mostly thinkin' about becomin vegetarian"

    Then I have a sup of Mr Brain's best and think "No, there has to be venison with this."

    Per shot, it still works out less than a pint!

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    If I was just using them for stalking, I could probably swallow the price for a box.

    However, I was looking to buy 60-80 rounds for some intensive range work in preparation for my level 1!

    I always thought .243 should average about 1 a shot, with some of the bigger calibres slightly more.


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    Depends whether you wont them just for the range test, you can get privvy partizan 100gr .243 around us for 9.50 for 20!!! They 1inch group through my t3 varmint, so if you just want a 'paper' round they will do the job.
    I use Rem 100gr core loc ultra bonded for deer and they are a great round.

    Sorry if a bit off the norma topic.


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    Hi Novice
    The new price here about 2 weeks ago was 34.00 for Norma .243 100g. I have to say my old Remington 700 BDL just about groups these at 1/4 inch (cold barrel), which I can hardly believe myself, so I can't complain.

    Regards, fencer.

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    Not sure about Norma ammo round my neck of the woods, but I've found that the cheapest 100gn .243 I can get is Privi Partisan (Serbian) for 11.15/20 from Fenland Rural Sports in Warboys, Cambs. Best bit is you get a 10% discount if you're a BASC member so all in all when I got 2 boxes I paid 20 for 40 rounds.

    Was abit concerned considering the price when compared to more established ammo such as Federal & Winchester, but having zeroed the gun in at 50 and then 100 yards, all 20 rounds fired hit within a 2.5" group of bull. Not the best grouping I know, but this was more down to me than the ammo, as it was in my new Howa, so still getting used to the trigger and gun.

    Guy in the shop said that they sold alot to Target shooters, and that he himself used them in his .308 and found them to be very consistent.

    Worth a crack, especially when the prices are going to keep going up!!!


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