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    Any tips on finding where magpies are setting up home, I have a couple on one of the farms I shoot over and having a little trouble catching up with them, seem to be a little finicky to get close to them. (Thankfully still live in an area where they are still few and far between, infact it's the first for many a year)


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    Right in the thickest patch of thorn or other cover on the place , larsens catch pies better if you push the into cover rather than in the open

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    Many thanks for the reply, when the weather breaks I'll have a look, as there is a lot of snow on the ground this morning.


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    I have caught 3 in the last two days and have seen a couple more around now

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    Blow them outs the tree , whilst they nest before the leaves hide the dam things, get some good 3" goose carts & blow them away along with the crows & rooks nesting too !

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    wired dead bunny bait and bang em .
    not PC any more my grandad 40yrs ago used to set out some ferral cats in a cage then shoot mags as thay came in

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    magpies on a pigeon magnet over an owl decoy or a propped up fox

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