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Thread: just for giggles, best 3 calibres

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    just for giggles, best 3 calibres

    Kind of for fun, and i am sure it has been done many times in the past, but what do we all have in our gun cabinets. Times change and i think it may be worth re visiting. I have to say i dont fully understand the metric and imperial variables some sound similar to me once calculated, and i am really not trendy! For me i shoot rabbits, foxes, roe and reds, probably in that order. I shoot in open ground, and in enclosed Forrest, probably in that order also.

    For this i have a 22, simple cz synthetic, in short barrel to work in the landy and also from a wee bipod, over longer ranges, an lovely wee tool.

    243 for foxes, roe and perhaps hinds, when they pop up when looking for roe on the hill. 100gn only and works well for me, but always considering lighter flatter shooting, but then we need 100 gn for the reds so why bother.

    and then the 3006 for stags, the hinds or roe in the really tight stuff, where i want the to drop quickly or as soon as possible. I am getting to like this more and more, so the 243 3006 line is blurring and perhaps from the start of the stags it may become the rifle of choice. 2 x mannlichers so i am comfortable with the set up, triggers and safety's.

    Scopes are another battle for me. Starting at the 3006, the swaro 8x 56 did not work for me, not enough mag for my poor old eyes, and probably experience, i am used to more mag, so this is on top of the cabinet. Nice SD bought 6 x 24 x 50 swaro on it now, and though i may set it and never move it, now i can!

    Lets go 22, 6 x 20x 50 zeiss on order, i wanted a good one for my most used ( by hour) rifle and also a great stock one for the good guns, should i manage to damage one in the peak of the whatever season, a zeiss will do anything i need. It is on its way, but will be better than the cheaper scope i had. it is nice to be able to think about such toys, this is my main hobby, so they are a pleasure to own, and have taken 30 years to do so, i did not buy them all in one go!

    Then the 243, happy but undecided, a Burris eliminator 12x laser scope. Magnification is low ish at times for me. laser range finder is awesome, range it, the shoot it, clean and simple. It is that good. Now a wee bit of me thinks a clean shot out to 350 ish accurate because of repeated testing and experience is cheating, as it just works. It will of course work to well beyond this, but have never tried. I have no doubt given my experiences that it will just work! Then i think it is a sporting clean kill. It works every-time accurately regardless of range, and is way more accurate then any calculation i have made. It is a clinical tool in a traditional world and i am a little undecided in what i want. Perhaps chopping it, the binnys and range finder against a rangefinding set of binnys would be the same or better Then i think get a cool brand variable swaro or zeiss and learn to use it.

    Not really looking for answers, as i am kind of there, more discussion on improvements and tweaks that may help. Also general discussion may help newer shooters. Like a deer head on the wall, perhaps a discussion starter


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    Well, my 3 in rifles is:

    .22 lr Brno Model-1 (Looking for a classic scope for that ATM so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know).
    7x64 General deer rifle. Currently wearing a 3-12x50 Illuminated Zeiss. Very .270W like in characteristics but can handle bigger pills
    9.3x62 Piggies gun. Express sited bolt action for woodlands work

    I think I'd like a .222 Rem to go in there as a foxer/munty/Scottish roe/CWD rifle.... (And maybe a .416 Rigby for when the buffalo come back to GVA with all this climate change... )



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    ruger 10/22 for bunnies as a work tool ,
    .17hmr cz with n750 digi nv for more bunnies

    .308 tikka with s/b 8x56 for every thing else, yep and some times even for bunnies

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    .223 rem
    6mm rem
    7mm rem mag
    Just about cover all requirements in the UK and europe for me.
    If I could only have one calibre though, it would have to be the humble .22LR.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    After owning almost more rifles than I can remember, I have settled on three.

    .22lr - for the little stuff and cheap target shooting

    .308 - for everything in between

    .338 - for the animals that are not so friendly or you cannot get close to in the valleys, hills and mountains.

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    .22lr ruger 10/22 - on the list as the most used rifle despite the fact i hate it , but unfortinatly i cant afford a nice B/A .17 at the moment :/

    .243 tikka t3 for everything else i want to shoot ( mostly fox's )

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    CZ452 .22lr rarely leaves the cabinet, but I never know when I might need it, every man should own one!
    Sauer 202 elegance .308 day to day deer (and unfortunate fox) rifle
    CZ550 .375H&H mag so far only 1 muntjac and 1 red hind rifle, but happy to use it at any opportunity that presents!

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    .223 ... who needs faster?

    .308 ... because it's just the daddy!

    .375 H&H ... 300gr soft points, what more could you want?

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    If you cannot kill anything in this continent with a rifle chambered for a CARTRIDGE firing one of the above Calibre bullets then its time to quit hunting.

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    Any 3 I choose at the time from the 25 or so I own , load for and shoot .

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