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    Well they say it never rains but it pours and that has certainly been the case for me as of late ,after recently breaking my binoculars my schmitt and bender scope decided it was going to play up so it has had to be sent back to germany.
    This left me in a bit of a dilema do i just go out and buy another ? not really an option what with a high maintenance wife [JUST KIDDING GOD I HOPE SHE DOESNT READ THIS] or do i buy a cheaper stand in.
    Well after recently looking at the vortex optics range of products and struggling to find any bad points i thought what the hell i might as well try one of there top end scopes.
    The model i settled on was the VORTEX VIPER in 6.5 by 20 by 50 with side paralax and lifetime warranty as i shoot the odd long range fox and thought the exra mag might come in handy.

    Selling for around the 390 mark it seemed excellent value for money and certainly compares favourably to my zeiss but at a fraction of the price.
    One month on and several roe and a few fallow later and the scope is going great guns and i think i will leave it on the rifle.
    So if any of you guys and gals out there are looking for a quility scope on a tight budget dont take my word for it give them a try i think you wil be pleasantly surprised.

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    Hey Rick!

    Good to meet up the other day. Just out of curiosity, are you the new UK importer for Vortex?

    Seriously, who stocks the brand, not one I have run into so far.



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    Hi John,

    this must be the scope you spoke about at bowood, i need something for my .22/250 at night with lamp, have you done any lamping with it ?

    regards Anthony

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    HI guys i purchased the scope and the bins at avalon guns of sreet somerset
    tel 01458447505
    They have only recently started to stock the range but i am told that they are selling very well and better than they had anticipated.
    I wish i was the uk agent, its not very often these days were you can get a good quality product at a respectable price and with a lifetime gaurantee thrown in for good measure.
    I have used the scope lamping foxes a couple of times with no problems at all and bagged a brace on a small pheasant shoot only last week.

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