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Thread: 10 round magazine

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    10 round magazine

    Good Morning,

    I`m after a 10 round 308/243 mag for my parker-hale 1300 scout.

    I spoke to Bill at Norman Clark but alas they don`t have one.

    Please get in touch if you can help.

    thanks very much.


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    Nothing guys. I`m sure there must be one hiding in a mandraw or cabinet.


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    There is a business that bought all the parker hale stuff when they went bust and they have mags, not cheap but the best bet. You might have to ask who they are on a general post because I can't remember for the life of me

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    Hi Paul, i thought it was Norman Clark who bought the Parker-Hale stuff?, i know Bill used to work for them, but if there is another firm i would like to get in touch with them if anybody knows who they are?-cheers Glen.

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    Does anyone have any .308/243 5 round mags in there man-draw, cabinet?
    cheera- Glen

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    Dear Glen, check that your mag well is just under 9cm long. I have a spare which I bought from Norman as parts, in the white. I had it blued by a gunsmith but never assembled it (spring must be riveted to follower). It's one of four I bought for my M87 which is a long action (mag has a spacer for .308/.243). I believe it's the same as the scout mag. The only defect is a slight kink in the floor plate which won't affect function. Bear in mind though that this was the weak point in a great weapon system; they are not reliable if you put 10 rounds in. Even my 5 rounder is unreliable. Tha Canadian snipers had to check hundreds to get a few which worked well! 45 posted.

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    Sorted now thanks.

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