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Thread: Metcheck

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    Shropshire. Land of rain and more rain.


    Just been on Netcheck and it looks like the whole of the UK has weather warnings, Its a white out here in Bishops Castle again and its still coming,I dont know if we can get to my wifes horses today as when we were there last night the drifts were begining to form, good job the landowner is next to them and can feed them, Whats it like by everyone else?

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    plenty of snow falling but thankfully its not laying

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    cold and wet, but no snow yet here in Just checked Met office for weather up at Herefordshire, snow, snow and more snow. Already cancelled clients for this evening. Supposed to be out on Tuesday, weather forecast shows it dry, but daytime temp with windchill is supposed to be about -8

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    Snow here in northants ,out yesterday in similar conditions and had a fallow but it was pretty miserable and deer weren't moving suprise ! I'm bored already ! We have a ski trip leaving the school I work at today why bother !

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    the rain just about stopped in cornwall, now we are back to mud and duck ponds where we once had fields, and some of the low land woods look like mangroves

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    Still snowing and drifting,hear in Bridgnorth.Its typical when I was flying my Peregrine,this season we struggled to find ducks in a good set up for a flight.We now have loads feeding outside the cabin,feeding on stubble..Tod

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    A slight 'dusting' ay first light in Suffolk which helped me to see and bag 3 Munties!
    Snowing again now but not settling yet. More forecast though!
    I love being out stalking in the snow!!

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    No snow (yet) on the Isle of Wight today, just cold damp drizzle. Anyone know what happened to "Global Warming"?

    atb Tim

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    Almost a foot where i live and still coming down, Just had to give my mate a lift home as his new bmw is about as usfull as a paper jonny.

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    Heavy wet slushy snow and very windy...Not very pleasant....
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