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Thread: Kelso Fair, Members Spotted

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    Kelso Fair, Members Spotted

    Well we are here, up and running and can report a good attendance. I will forget evreyones name, just as I did the book to put them in, so I shall endeavour to keep this updated, but I might forget that too

    Charley- Hunter , Glogin, Deako, Harry243, Willie, Gazza, Dean, 6Pointer, Morayoutfitters, Alan, Finnbear270, amand16, Nell, BRNO17, Tam, PatrickT, Nuttyspaniel, Sakoson, ChrisC, HeymSR20, Ian Christie, Widows Son, Tom Reveley, Nemo, Hunting Experience, Bewsher500,Tikkamez, mick9abf, r700roe, JCS, Rakeaboot, Morena, Redlab, trackerman, Scotlanddeerstalking, HW60sniper, Bigadam bobbyboy, Glyn1, Brock&Norris, NewKid, Andy7mm, mauser243, furret, TomD, Rigboot, Steveoh, PKL, Simjim33, linulus, mark-joppa, krabrym, Rico, Mereside, BDSWest, Jamross65, Rudi, Apache, Scotsstalker, DSpensley, Stone, Marrajack, Wingy, Mannlicher308, Stewarty69, Johnboy, Norseman, Hillside, Nickm, Arran, Big Daddy, Bill Wapiti, Hootsman, Bazil, Private Fraser, Tyler, Cereal Thriller, Pirate Hunter, Dave 1372, Rangemester, sportsmanfordeer,

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    Glad your having a good show mate.

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    A complimentary dram for the forum members no doubt!

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    I would have had a good day too, had my car not decided to spit the dummy 100 yards from the house

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    just got back from kelso show what a great effort everyone put in even the stewards were on form plenty to see and good to meet jayb and the missus and all the lads around the table 1st rate show it will be MASSIVE next year just keep it to stakling no cups sauces and plates tee towls and nik naks keep em out got my-self a new smock from country covers top bloke hugh.

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    Yep lots of decent gear no tat,a good turn out with loads of people meeting and lots of chatting going on,caught up with some old friends,can't wait till next year.oh and stood drooling at the Alan wood knives sorry for the mess!!!
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    Met a few guys of here as well including Jay-B ,Csl ,6pointer ,Mereside ,Mark-Joppa and I suppose I better mention Bigboab29 plus had a chat with a few other guys as well all top blokes and all saying how good the show was .

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    Great effort to all that organised the show spot on.

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    Nice to meet you, enjoyed my brief visit to the show.

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    As said,great job by the organisers and some good stands and good prices. Hopefully onwards and upwards in the future.

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