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Thread: dsc level 1

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    dsc level 1

    hi all just thort id share my good news as i passed my level 1 this afternoon so im like a dog wiv 2 d**ks lol and id highley recommed david strettons course hes a top man and its defo worth doing the full course any way just thort id share wiv u all cheers lee

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    LEVEL 1

    lee-stroud good for you i passed mine what seems like an age ago now probably six years i suppose maybe longer.
    Anyway the sun is shinning and what better way to celebrate than to grab your rifle and go out and try to grass a nice buck.


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    well done lee,i did mine a couple of years ago,its great when you finish and pass.

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    Well done Lee,could you please send me,contact details etc,of course,Thank you,

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    Well done Lee . it gets better , great boost ,
    Like driving you will improve.
    Regards Trapper

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    Trapper is right Lee. You've just passed your driving test! Now you have to learn to drive! If all goes well you will never stop learning either.
    Just remember - you are only one shot away from disaster and losing everything! It pays to think of that just before you pull the trigger every time. Well done mate! Drive safely!

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    Well done lee now its time to take stock and get ready for the big one WDMQ 2

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    Congratulations and well done. Many do not agree with the Level 1 and 2 but I am afraid they are here to stay, and at the end of the day they are not as onerus as they first appear to many people.

    On to Level 2 now then?


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    Many congratulations - it takes a lot of effort and dedication to pass.

    It's now almost 10 years since I took my DSC1 but I still make use of a lot of what I learned. The DSC2 is more practical - if you fancy it then register and take your time to complete the required culls. There's a lifetime of learning about deer still ahead.


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    hi lee well done there is alot to take in but its a good course now on to level2 but its just a while before they dream of something else to get our money off us
    atb tom

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