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Thread: Stripping the polyurothane varnish off a Remington stock

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    Stripping the polyurothane varnish off a Remington stock

    Has anyone got an idea how to get the old varnish off a Remi stock, I have tried Nitromors and it wont look at it there must be a better chemical stripper out there help.

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    Acetone should work - usual cautionary measures ,very flammable ,outside or well ventilated etc.

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    I was shown a method which was surprisingly effective, take a hacksaw blade, upside down, and draw it towards you over the stock, it does a fantastic job, you'll still need a chemical to get into the checkering but I had a shotgun stock stripped in about 20mins doing it that way......
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    Get a chemical stripper designed for furniture. Here we have "Homer Formsby" brand. I'm sure you have something similar. Be prepared to say at it a while. Some of the urethane coats are amazingly thick and tough.~Muir

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    Hi i think you just have to keep applying and then scraping of the layers of use a coarse sand paper to remove the mainareas and use the stripper on the checkering

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    There is nowhere near where I live that sells anything that will remove Remi varnish that you can buy on a Saturday, so I used a stanley knife blade on edge and it only took 5 hours.
    I am going to leave the poly on the checkering and oil the rest just to be differant

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    5 hours, jeez, that was some layer of varnish! Good man, that took dedication!

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    Sorry for not replying before but was away - sounds like you've got most of it sorted out but just in case...

    Nitromors had to be reformulated in the mid 2000's to remove dichloromethane (which was the main active ingredient) and the new stuff is not as effective - hence memories of it working much better in the past. Original stripper formulations (such as here: ) are still available but sales are restricted - however, I think Starchem stripper is still available online subject to some sort of disclaimer.

    The Nitromors Craftman range (yellow rather than green can) are better than the 'diy' ones. Better 'general public' alternatives available online are x3 ( X3 Paint Varnish Stripper ) and the more fiddly Barrettine Peel Away products ( PEELAWAY Paint Varnish Removal ).

    It is affected by temperature and so would have been slowed if you were doing it outside in an unheated shed in the present weather. I haven't got a can to hand but AFAIR the lower temperature limit quoted was about 5degrees or so. Wrapping a coated stock in plastic to slow evaporation and leaving overnight will help.

    Nitromors and other strippers are severely slowed by waxes (particularly with silicone) and so it is a good idea to scrub an item with white spirit etc. and wire wool first.


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    i brought the X3 stripper, was very cheap but did the job

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    Something that works fairly well for me is plain household ammonia and steel wool. You will probably use several pads of steel wool since the dissolved finish will build up in the pad. It does not scratch up the wood if you use a fine grade. Ammonia dissolves all the wood finishes I've tried it on.

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