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Thread: Pregnant Fallow Fawns?

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    Pregnant Fallow Fawns?

    Has anyone come across Fallow fawns being ‘covered’ in their first year??
    Last Sunday (9th Aug) I dispatched a Fallow Doe (RTA) which is not uncommon at this time of year with the Harvest in full swing. It appeared quite bloated for the time of day and I assumed it must have been in the maize for an afternoon snack!. When I gralloched it as a demo for my shooting friend I was amazed to find it had a fully grown fawn in it which must have been just about ready to drop! I found this quite strange as most fawns are born end of May to early June. It was a bit of a rush as it was by a roadside and almost dark so the waste went one way and I went the other with the carcass! When I got home I had a look at the teeth. It had a 3 crown pre-molar which showed about 60-70% wear! Behind this was a full molar, and behind that was another half erupted! This would put the animal at about 14 months old. It was therefore covered at the end of last year, probably just before Christmas. I know this has been seen with the Sika down in the Poole basin, but I have not heard of it in Fallow. If I had shot this animal out of a group later in the year I would no doubt assume it was a follower and be none the wiser. If it was shot later last winter as a fawn would I have noticed a very late foetus? Probably not as it is not something I would be looking for and by the end of the Doe season it would have still been quite small. I am therefore wondering if this is more common but goes unnoticed due to the timings of the seasons and the fact that a late covering would not show in time.
    I have spoken to a few people who have all said it is the first one they have heard of like this. Has anyone else come across this before?

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    Judging by the lack of response I reckon this must be a scientific first then!?
    Any thoughts Morena?
    If anyone should cull any young Does this coming season, please take a little time to look for a foetus. If this does become more common it could have major population implications if Does have an extra breeding year!

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    That might explain it. I didnt here any grunting last weekend so it seems it was a one off.

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    I've been farming both D dama & D mesopotamica (as well as many other deer & antelope ) for years & my reply is, no.

    Cheers Sharkey

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