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Thread: First deer dog

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    First deer dog

    3 months ago I bought a pedigree black lab for beating during the pheasant season as well as being a peg dog for the few driven days a year I can get my hands on. He is now 21 months old, I bought him pre trained from a chap called Gareth in north Wales near Mold, great set up, great dogs.
    I am now looking for a companion for Dipper. I stalk occasionally at the moment but will be making a concerted effort to get out more in the near future. I am looking for a stalking/tracking dog that would be able to hunt and track deer after the shot.

    I am quite drawn to the Idea of a Teckel but wonder if he would be quiet enough to walk to heal after training. Would a teckel make a suitable companion to my lab?

    ​Any advice or thoughts are welcomed. Cheers, George.
    save an animal, eat a vegitarian.

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    Best advise i can give you is try the lab on deer , most are quite able and easier to train than a Teckel.

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