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Thread: Roe stalking, early/mid July, Ross shire

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    Roe stalking, early/mid July, Ross shire

    Hoping someone might be able to help.

    Looks like I will be up fishing in Ross Shire, near Loch Maree, in the first couple of weeks of July this year. There's no stalking on the estate where I'm planning to stay, but I'd be interested in fitting in a paid stalk or two after roe. If someone would prefer to trade for stalking for muntjac or roe down South, I can arrange that as well.

    I don't know the Loch Maree area at all so not sure if there is even any roe stalking available, but if anyone can help me with advice or contacts I'd appreciate it.

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    Not sure about roe stalking near Loch Maree itself as it is very much Wester Ross-Shire. You will be certainly be passing Inverness to get there though and there are very good reports on here about a man called John Ross (JRoe) who is just beside Inverness and offers roe stalking. I have no personal experience of John but reports do seem to be very very good. It may be worth giving him a shout to see if anything can be sorted out.
    Loch Maree is approximately 2 hours north west of Inverness.

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    The start of loch maree is only an hour and fifteen from ness boss, give or take

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