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    Guys is it possible to send a Zeiss scope back and have the rectical changed? I would like it changed to IR

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    what scope do you have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jewfish View Post
    Guys is it possible to send a Zeiss scope back and have the rectical changed? I would like it changed to IR
    I'm no expert but the scope body will have no accommodation for the IR control ?

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    It's a 4/14/50 conquest , I know it's from the states, I was just wondering! I did not want ir you tern o n just a red dot on the cross hairs, might be worth having a ring around, my idea was to save buying another scope that's all thanks for replys.

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    I do not think so, it either comes as IR or not. Which Zeiss scope is it? I have a Duralyt IR.

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    Email Zeiss in Germany. I should think they will help if it is at all possible. Might just be better to look for a good trade in deal though.


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    sadly there is no accommodation for a IR unit on a conquest scope, the only thing to do is keep it and crack on or sell it and buy a scope with ir.

    I have the same scope here at the moment and loved using it as it is,

    kind regards


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    Zeiss uk wont even touch the conquest scopes as there for the u.s market. And as bob said the conquest hasn't room to house ir.

    The new conquests are out now for the u.s market they are none ir also. I see there made and put together in germany for the guys in the usa.

    I will get my hands on one soon they look superb. I've already looked into it about sending them back if they go wrong. Being made in germany is better less problems with sending stuff back compared to usa.

    But if that does crop up the dealer in the states as already said he will sort any warranty issues for me.
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    Ok guys thanks for your replys, job done its staying as is, if I feel the need ill trade it.

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