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Thread: Parker Hale 1200V replacement stock

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    Parker Hale 1200V replacement stock

    Looking for pointers to where I can find a replacement stock for a 1200V (Varmint heavy barrel .22-250). Ideally a synthetic stock to use for the time being so that a parker hale spigot bipod can be fitted to the forend. Have looked around but cannot see anywhere that sells them. The original stock has a lovely rosewood tip that we don't want to damage. The original stock will be kept. Cheers

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    The parker Hale 1200 uses a Mauser 98 type action , so in theory do a search for aftermarket stocks with an action inlet for a Mauser 98 action , don't know about minor differences on recoil lug etc so may require some inletting / possibly bedding .

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    I suggest you look at the American sites. Make sure it's for the drop floor plate and not the K98 military one or why not talk the the chap on these forums who makes stock just like you want?

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    Norman Clark Gunsmiths in Rugby have most of the remaining Parker Hale spares ,give them a call.

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    Why not contact Simon West

    use the old stock as a pattern and have him make another stock out of laminate so a spigoted bipod could be used..

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    Boyds in the states make some brilliant stocks ,I got just before xmas ,the action dropped straight in ,just bed it and go .It was $99 plus post

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    Thanks for all the replies gents, some fodder for thought there....

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