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Thread: ogive gauge / o a l gauge

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    ogive gauge / o a l gauge

    I am looking for a bullet compactor and oal gauge so I can find ogive seating depth in my .223.

    ideally with the modified case.

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    i have all the bits you require just send us a pm and ill get you sorted
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    looking for second hand gauge

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    I have had a gauge and stopped using it as it is very fiddly. I would decap a used case and if possible only just neck size it. Put in a bullet and then load into your gun slowly closing he bolt. When you extract it it will be a perfect fit for your chamber. Do his three times and average the results.


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    unless of course you get a certain ammount of drag when emptying thats why the oal is fae easier and a lot more repeatable
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    I am thinking of doing this if I don't get a second hand one.
    like you say its a good way of doing it, and like has been said it must be done carefully.

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