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Thread: Changing ammo manufacturer or hot barrel to blame?

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    Changing ammo manufacturer or hot barrel to blame?

    Out on range last week shooting federal 160grn rounds at 150m target. Ran out of these so switched to winchester 160grn rounds. My rounds now struck 2'' lower and 2'' to the right. However afterwards I noticed my barrel was hot. So was it the change of bullet brand or was it the hot barrel that affected point of aim so much? I'd fired 10 federal over a couple of mins before switching brands. So off I went yesterday to find out which one was the culprit. Set a 5'' target out at 175m and fired 3 federal rounds first. All on the button. Let the barrel cool whilst went for a walk over to target and back. Switched to winchester and let off another 3 rounds. Again all on the button. So hot barrel to blame for change of point of aim? Something to remember when taking multiple shots in quick succession.

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    2" out at 150m should still = dead deer unless of course you are head or neck shooting which I doubt you would do at that range or in quick succession! Most shooters would be happy with a 2" group at that range!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Parsons
    Like you always do when stalking deer.....
    unusual granted but certainly not beyond the realms of possibility. Practically 2" of point of aim would still be a satisfactory heart lung shot.
    interesting observation and certainly worth bearing in mind when zeroing.


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    Although 2" low is the difference between a Heart shot and a Brisket Shot.

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    I own a winchester featherweight in 22-250. It's a 2-shot rifle : at 100yds, the first 2 rounds will touch but the 3rd will never be less than 2inches away.

    The barrel is just to slim and heats up to quickly.

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    What sort of barrel do you have.
    I have a heavy barrel on my .308 and can fire off 10 shots, with all shots landing within a 1’’ group.
    Admittedly the barrel is very hot but i have found this does not affect my grouping.
    One thing to maybe take into consideration is Powders and grains used between the two cartridge’s
    Is there any difference between Fedral and Winchester cartridges (powder burn rate and grains), obviously this would affect pressures and trajectory. I presume you are talking about factory loads?
    Can’t beat home loads for consistency.
    Now I’m away off to fire 15 shots to see how I get on . But in the real world you wouldn’t be firing this number of shots in quick succession on the hill or in the field.
    Good point though – food for thought

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    Sauer 202

    Factory Sauer 202. Bullets both same weight, 150grns. Both Federal and Winchester bang on at 100 yrds. Except when the barrel gets hot after 3 round rapid shots fired. This has happened in the field also. Last time on the hinds in Scotland I shot matriarch hind then two more hinds followed quickly by two calves in the same group, a total of 5 rapid shots fired. Hinds all dropped but calves needed follow up shots. I now limit myself to 3 max in this situation. Blamed myself but now not so sure? Sporting rifles being lighter in the barrel are obviously not meant for rapid firing at distant targets. Ive wondered since does the hot magnum rounds fired from sporting rifles have an even more profund effect on zero?

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    knowledge is power

    I have 3 rifles. my go to stalking rifle is a 7mm08 remmy model 7. it has a very thin barrel. it will, from a clean cold barrel put 2 shots touching and the next is an inch away. I also have have a '98 fn mauser in .30-06 with a normal sporter profile barrell. this rifle is spot on accurate for 10-15 rounds. (not that it gets that many!) If i was going to shoot in a situation where i knew i would be taking 5+ shots at 150 yards in fairly quick succession i would take the mauser.

    the model 7 is a lovely woodland stalker but not a long range, multi shot tool. the loads are worked up differently with different bullets for this different role.

    I would suggest that now you know that your rifle moves zero when hot it would be best to limit your shots. maybe a rifle with a heavier barrel might be another aquisition?


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    I shoot the running moose range. 20 shot series and the barrel gets more than a little hot . The first bullet hits the 5 ring and the last bullet to. But only if i do my part Quality rifle , cheap ammo and having confidence in my rifle.

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