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    A general overview

    Lleon & I attended a really great embrionic stalking fair at Kelso yesterday, hope it goes again & again, We found nothing that shouldn't have been in the halls,, Toilets were absolutely pristine, though if the fair grows as I hope it will, more will be needed,parking staff were very friendly whilst suffering the biting wind, Lleon was considering a fairly expensive purchase from one stand, & together with my intended buy, We would have totalled around six hundred quid into the trader's pocket, but......... said trader preferred to attend to a well dressed older couple,........... that proceeded to fill his pocket with around thirty five quid for a tweed cap,........Met a few old faces/friends, picked up a gift on the way round,spent a lot less than prepared for, but if everyone couldn't attend... maybe next year? A very good trading couple were found at Cluny's, more help could not have been advanced to me, even down to the use of their own mobile while speaking to a Harkila rep,, Jamross, If this gets the go ahead for next year, You may be hanging on to the tigers tail! Great effort on both you & your pal's part.
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    I have to agree. It was good, it should be a regular and it might get huge.

    On a personal note, it was nice to meet friends old and new at an event that was so totally focussed on what it is really about... and.... I never felt I was getting ripped off... Anywhere! ...from the entry fee onward ... but particular credit to the caterers... excellent value for money.

    And... not a single facepainter, helium balloon seller or dippy-hippy chancer in sight, just an honest to goodness deerstalker's fair... as described on't tin... with lots to see and plenty, enthusiastic, people to talk with. Actually the crowd should take a bow too, what a good bunch you were, politeness was much in evidence and even my Mrs commented on that... and she's a nurse.

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    You didn't come to see us Tom.... Was it something we said?

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    You didn't come to see us Tom.... Was it something we said?
    I feel bad about that ... but... in my defence... we passed your stand a couple of times and each time it was so busy I didn't really feel it would have been right to just push in and declare my presence... What with me actually being quite a shy and retiring sort...

    Hopefully, I'll catch you all next year Alex...


    ps. I may speak with John sooner... a day's stalking (or two) might be wanted, by Loch Shin again... if possible.

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    Exactly what finnbear and tamus put, great show.

    Nice to meet you and your mate finnbear.

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    Couldn't agree more Steve, good trip up with plenty of laughs. Good to put some faces to forum names and catch up with some old friends to. Roll on next year!

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    Just arrived home in very snowy North Wales after a really good dash down the M6. On behalf of Erwin and myself I would like to say a big Thank You to the organisers for the vision and commitment to stage this event. It deserves to go from strength to strength and we will back next year if you'll have us. It was great to meet so many of our friends and make new ones. Thanks to all for the very warm welcome and hospitality.


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    Great show, really enjoyed the day.
    Was good to catch up with a few folk.

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    Nice to see you mark i would bet you would be better served with a stand here you were a bit lost at Scone.
    PS hope the venison and Ham burgers are on the menu again.
    Tamus nice to see you again mate and i must admit to not being to forward , I was not sure if that was your wife or Daughter mate. Well done nice catch.

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