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Thread: solar / power monkey chargers...anyone use em?

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    solar / power monkey chargers...anyone use em?

    hi folks

    right lets face it......since smart phones came on the go always get someone moaning bout the lack of battery life compared to say "their old nokia" or whatever.....but then their old phone couldnt do half of what these news uns can

    i travel a bit with work and sometimes hard to get a charge thru course of the day airports etc......

    was looking at these power monkey extreme solar chargers....can charge amobile a good few times and various tablets also....

    anyone got experience of these ? are they "useful"?

    can see some one out stalking for the day and having it hanging on aroesack or similar and still having a full charge at end of the day....useful i would hope should you need to contact folks in an emergency of somekind.

    just looking for feedback from someoe whose used one


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    ​I don't have a solar charger, but I do carry one of these:

    You charge it from a USB port and then can use it in turn to charge any device for which you have the appropriate USB cable (iPhone, phone, etc). It carries enough charge to recharge a phone once, after which you have to charge it again, but other than that limitation it's pretty good.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Don't get a solar one. The solar panels are not big enough or efficient enough to charge to any great capacity. Per Willie just get a power pack. I got one from Amazon. Cost about 25. 5600mAh from memory and good for about 3 full charges of my phone.

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    I have used powermonkey before and they were great!

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    I also use a PowerMonkey for long treks and expeditions. The solar power is handy to have but I always set off with the unit charged as a power back and then revert to solar when that is discharged. Overall a well built piece of kit.

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