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Thread: Sauer choked barrels

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    Sauer choked barrels

    Having shot Sauers for a number of years I have today heard from a second person that Sauer barrels are 'choked' and therefore cannot be shortened. Now I have shot game for nearly 30 years and understand choking in shotgun barrels perfectly well, however, I fail to understand how constricting a solid projectile can be either rational or indeed possible. When I asked this person to explain this his answer was pretty much as I expected ie. don't ask me, just know they are. Being as he neither worked for Sauer or owned one of the aforementioned I let it be. Would anyone who does know anything of this strange peculiarity care to comment either as to the possibility or the efficacy of such an idea?

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    Why don't you ask Sauer themselves? Email them se what they say then you'll have it from the horses mouth so to speak?


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    Choke constriction

    Hello Hillbilly,

    My Sauer drilling is choked half on the left bbl and full on the right bbl this is pretty standard in German guns.
    The solid projectile will function (only if it is a Brenneke style design) as the flutes on the slug are twisted. This imparts almost no rotation (contrary to popular misconception) its only function is to enable these flutes to squeeze down to the bbl diameter when passing through choked barrels, basic engineering really.
    Look at a picture of a slug & imagine the slug moving forward through a choke.



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    Ive have 2 202's in 6.5 swede and 9.3 x 62 i had the 6.5 cut down to 20in for a Northstar mod and obviously its improved the accuracy as the barrel is now more rigid. I had heard this rumor a couple of time and after checking with plenty on riflesmiths who said it was rubish i did ideed check with Sauer direct in Germany. They vurtually laughed the response back. They asured me that they do not make choked rifled barrels.
    And even if that wasnt the case my 6.5 is testament to the fact that shortehr barrels for the given diameter are more accurate the caveat being a loss of velocity. (i homeload anyway so no issues).

    Hope this helps.
    if you want a pic of the cut down 202 let me know. I also cut my R93 to 19in (30-06).

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    I am talking about rifle barrels not shotguns, but thanks.


    Interesting, I would like a couple of inches off my 243 to match my 308 which came as 20". I have also read recently that Blaser and Steyr barrels are choked, I just can't get my head round why this would be the case.


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    Interestingly I have just spoken to Garlands and they are adamant that Sauer barrels are indeed choked as are Blasers and many CZ's and that it is highly inadvisable to cut one down. I was told several customers had done so and had severe accuracy problems after even though on returning the barrell the cut looked perfct. As a new barrell is a grand or so I may give the idea a miss.

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    Hi Hillbilly a bit off subject i know but when you switch barrels do you find that the zero is maintained between the same caliber or do you need to re-zero everytime.I'd be intrested to know as i am thinking of getting a.308 barrel for my.243 also,i must admit i was suprised to find out that they're choked.
    ATB Neil

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    I have never noticed any increase in resistance when cleaning my Sauers as I get towards the end of the barrels.

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    I have heard this theory regarding Sauer and Steyr barrels over the past few years. Sounds like rubbish to me.

    I had the barrel on my Steyr 222 chopped and threaded and re-crowned a few years ago. As above, accuracy is even better now than before, whether this is due to a shorter stiffer barrel, or just maybe a better crown I can't say.

    Have at it.


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    CZ rimfires are choked, and the spud on a collimator won't go in the muzzle.

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