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Thread: new cal 7mm-08

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    new cal 7mm-08

    Is there many 7mm-08 users on here I thinking of a bigger cal as Im currently using 243 Iv already got all the reloading components for 7mm and would just like peoples thoughts on this cal

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    Great round used it from muntjac to red stags meat damage is minimal as is recoil

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo1984 View Post
    Great round used it from muntjac to red stags meat damage is minimal as is recoil
    Hi All
    I was looking at a 7mm-08 wetherby the other day with black synthetic stock and he was only after 300 (i think) but i will stick with my 308

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    any of the 7mms are a good choice for all deer species and can double as a boar calibre as well, the 7.08 becoming more mainstream as well.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    I'm a pretty good advocate of most all of the 308 based cartridges !

    I like the 243 WIN , 260 REM , 7mm-08 REM and 338 Federal . I can even now to a lesser degree live with the 308 WIN .Had a 358 WIN or two and I'm not so hot on that one , for me the 338 Federal is a better cartridge then the 358 WIN .

    But for general deer usage I think it's hard to beat the 7mm-08 REM and 260 REM .

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    6Pt Sika

    ​Have you ever tried the 25 Souper?

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    Cheers chaps looks looks like im going to give the 7mm-08 a try !

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    Like many I used the .243 and 308 for years and in truth can't fault them however I changed the barrel on my 308 to 7mm-08 a few years ago just so I could use it in France and for no other reason. Since then I have never looked back and shoot everything up to some very big Reds here in Suffolk. It's accurate, comfortable to shoot and plenty of gun for our UK needs and more. I wouldn't change it for anything. I also use a 6.5x55 but my 7mm-08 is the favourite as far as calibre goes. You wouldn't be disappointed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Lewis View Post
    6Pt Sika

    ​Have you ever tried the 25 Souper?
    No I haven't !

    Got a friend that did the 270 Redding I think it's called thats the 308 necked down to .277 or a 243 necked up .

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