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Thread: Swarovski reticle

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    Swarovski reticle

    Hi all,

    i have a Swarovski-optik Tirol.. HABICHT 3-12x56. Nova which i won on ebay for a bargain price of £300. The problem is thou the reticle. Not sure of the name of it but apparently is used for wild boar driving. Now ive contacted Swarovski optics who can change it for me for a small fee of £200. Now this is where i need your help. I have been given options of reticle and need some advice. They are 4, 4a, 7 (which i cant find a pic of), 7a and PLEX. I will be shooting in woodland and moorland. I sight my rifle up to be an inch high at 100yds. I want a reticle that i can easily switch to longer shots if needed well 200-300yds.

    ​regards scott

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    I like and have owned some Swarovski scopes with the 4A reticle.
    I would be inclined to trade it in for the reticle you fancy rather than upgrade it.
    Regards JCS

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    if you go on to the swarovski site they give you pictures of all the reticles, but for the distance your on about shooting the 4a will be fine.

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    Hi cheers. Yeah ive been on there. I fancy the 4a. Defo my
    favourite at the moment as i like the idea of seen more of the target. I just cant see any reviews in line of the others hence why im on here. I think an upgrade is the way forward as its cheaper than buying a new scope. Theres nothing wrong with the lens's at all lovely clear and crisp.

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    i've sent too away in the past and when the scopes came back they were like new, you won't beat there service you get what you pay for with swarovski.

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    Excellent. Thats what i like to hear. This is my first scope from Swarovski and decided to go for the second hand route as i was on a budget as i bought two rifles at the same time. I think for now i will defo go down the replacement route for now. Have some fun with it and save the pennies for maybe a IR Swarovski in the future. Thanks for boosting my confidence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike t3 View Post
    i've sent too away in the past and when the scopes came back they were like new, you won't beat there service you get what you pay for with swarovski.
    Sorry to disagree with you Mike, but my recent experience with the famous Swaro service is nothing short of shocking... Sent an £1700 8 month old Z6 back that had THE most play in the eyepiece that I have ever seen on any scope ever including sub £50 scopes (you could both see and feel the wobble when you put even the slightest pressure on the eyepiece). It was returned with a note to say nothing wrong with it!!

    Sadly this is not an isolated incident and it would appear Swaro have a problem with this that they are keeping quiet about. I personally will never, ever be touching their products again and would recommend you consider Zeiss or Schmidt - thats where my money will be going in future.....

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    My friends & I use Swarovski products, scopes & bins. We've always over the years, including last year when three of us sent bins back for servicing, received prompt & quality performance from Swarovski, both UK optik & the returned item from the factory. Can't speak highly enough of them.
    I guess occasionally something/someone will receive less than perfect service, but personally, I've never experienced it from Swarovski.
    One of these friends did receive rather less than great service from Zeiss, but after addressing the issue with them, the problem with his scope was resolved. ATB
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    use the 4a its the most used with swarovski and schmidt and bender you will find most of us have it atb
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