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    First Stag

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    last saturday as a birthday present to myself, i was able to go on a cull day thanks to Buckbones!

    day started at 8am with a bit of range time at 100 yards, 150 yards & 200 yards with lots of advice on shot placement etc.

    after managing a few groups (with quite a bit of instruction ) we were able to head over to the land the deer were on.

    we got into position, and spent quite a time waiting till the weather settled and select the stag to be culled.

    it was then a matter of getting into a good spot to get a safe shot, which took around an hour but felt like 5mins!

    this was only half the day because i also got a chance to have a go at the gralloch as well as be shown how to skin the animal and break the carcass down all under supervision.

    all in all a great day plus i got to feed the family on venison burgers later on

    really keen on signing up for a dsc1 course now!

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    Nice stag for your first get your name down for Dsc1 it's well worth it lots of instresting info etc
    Well done on the stag


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    Well done!
    Congratulations on your first , always some special memory to keep!
    Now you got infected and have to serve this lovely virus....


    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    cheers, was a really great day.

    i thought that i had spent enough time on here reading about deer and should really have a go!

    looking forward to booking a stalk sometime soon to get more experience.

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