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    lost knife

    I recently lost a knife I'd had for 15 years. It was a Buck Selector [model V 52] you could exchange the blades, now I have a serated blade, a gutting blade and a bone saw but no handle. Anyone got one they want to sell, they were orange, black, or green coloured plastic handle jobbies. They were discontinued some time ago. My mate still has his orange one I lost my green one so he'll inherit my blades. If nobody has one whats the best Lock blade out there, not liner lock, I like drop point blades.Deerwarden

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    I feel sorry for you, I know how you must feel. I had one of these when they first came out and still using it today. Great knife, I hope you get a handle soon.

    Regards, fencer

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    Try Tony at Moonraker Knives. He is a great bloke and has lots of stock and may be able to help.

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