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    Wink Solway Boar

    Against my better judgment I braved the elements this weekend and ventured north for a crack at a Boar with my pal the Solway Stalker. Despite the terrible weather it was evident that the Boar had been feeding regularly at the high seat. Despite the low temperatures, the snow and freezing conditions do bring some significant benefits. Not least the fact that I was able to use the 'purists' method of 'no night vision' as the ambient light and white surroundings meant that just a good quality scope was enough to see.

    Colin had said that he had seen some very large slots and it seemed that a single large male was feeding regularly.......perfect. The other advantage of the freezing conditions is your ability to hear the 'crunchy footsteps' which add significantly to the excitement and anticipation of the experience, as you can hear the approach before you actually see the Boar.

    Upon getting into the seat everything looked good with a stiff breeze straight in my face and a clear view of the area that Colin had been feeding about 40 yards in front. After a couple of hours the wind started playing up and swirling around in all directions.....not good!!! The doubt began to set in.

    Having been in the seat since 6.30pm, at bang on 9.30, after three hours of motionless patience the big boy arrived. Having seen and shot Boar before I was shocked by what I saw. He was an absolute monster, well north of 100kg and possibly pushing 150. Even in low light he had visible tusks and was an absolutely cracking trophy boar by anyone's standards. Before I even had chance to bring my rifle up into aim, I felt the dreaded gust of wind on the back of my neck and knew exactly what would follow. Without a seconds hesitation, a loud grunt and off he trotted. ABSOLUTELY GUTTED!!!! The big boy was seriously switched on which is no surprise when you see the size of him. I accepted defeat and scuttled off back to the B&B to thaw out feeling sorry for myself.

    Unfortunately, due to other commitments, I won't have the opportunity to try again for a while, but if anyone has the time to get up there (while the big fella is still in town), you will be lucky to find a better opportunity to shoot a very big male trophy boar, with the added benefit of the white out which will no doubt last a week or so.

    Cheers again Colin and see you again soon.

    ​p.s. how's the head????

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    Really is on my list of things to do in the next 12 months another visit north and a go at solwaystalkers piggies ,sorry you weren't successful thanks for wetting the appetite though .

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    OOOOOHHHHHH! Colin! See you Tuesday!

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    Ahhh NOOO!! I could barely read that last bit, feel terrible for you sir!! I have to admit I have been wanting to get after boar too, it would be a fantastic experience. Tricky beast to nail.
    Aim Small, Miss Small

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    ARHH! I was looking forward to an amazing picture....

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    Hell of a retriever!

    Snow has stopped play
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