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    A few people have asked if they could see how the david stretton skinning rig attachment works so here goes.
    I skinned this roe for a client this morning so he could take it home with him.

    1 get yourself a deer any species [thats the hard bit]
    2 cut the skin on the forearms to the ribs then peel back a couple of inches of skin
    3 attach the forearm skin to the skinning rig loops
    4 attach the knuckles to a snare bar which hooks onto the hoist
    5 turn the hoist handle until the hoist reaches the top
    6 work the bottom level to finish the lower half and thats it
    7 lower back into clean tray ready for jointing
    No fur all over the carcass and minimal/no contamination to the meat
    They say a picture tells a thousand words so here you go
    Please click on the image below.

    The whole job from skinning to jointing took under 30 minutes meaning plenty of time left to go and try to stalk another.

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    Hey that looks excellent. Shall have to nip over to see him and see how much it costs.

    Thanks for the photos.


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    That does look like an excellent kit, a must if you were to be dealing in large numbers and it does look like it gives a much better finish than hand skinning. No knife marks etc.

    The best bit though is you use Tesco food bags and as an ex manager of theirs its so good to see members keeping the share price up for me.

    Wish I had more now, ive only got a paltry few!

    Happy skinning, looks like quality kit and an excellent review.


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    Nice one,

    very neat and tidy i am going to see if i can make something similar in my garage. It takes me two hours from start to finish doing a roe, skinning and butchering (including all washing and cleaning) this looks like it will do a better job of skinning.

    Now as you say the hard bit is to get the deer

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    To be honest, I find it takes me less than 20 mins to skin a carcass then I take it down to my butcher who will fully prepare a Roe for 10 and a Fallow for 20, this includes boning and rolling haunches. The only thing he charges extra for are burgers and sausages (6 & 12 respectively for a 10lb mix) and they all come vac-packed. 4 or 5 beasts a year is plenty and the rest go to the game dealer. Find a friendly butcher.

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    How much are one of these rigs?

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    According to his website they are 400 plus VAT:



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    Rangefinder i paid 80.00 for the skinning rig attachment but there is also a stainless steel model for an exra 15.00.
    You will also need the ball hitch mounted deer hoist to attach the skinning rig to and they sell for 135.00 also a snare bar.
    A lot of outlay but it should last a lifetime with a bit of care and when you compare it to rifle and glass prices i think it is relative and it certainly produces a quality job .
    I can skin a freshly shot roe, once in the rig in under a minute but with longer hung animals turn the handle slower to avoid tearing, but you should only be looking at a few minutes tops.

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    Cheers willie and Rick

    Its a bit steep for me given the amount I skin each year is very low compared to the numbers the game dealer see's from me.

    I wonder if 2nd hand ones come up?????

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    Rangefinder i dont skin that many for myself either, but i do quite a few for mates and a couple for the odd client.
    It shouldnt be that hard to make a skinning rig if you no anyone thats good at welding.
    I remember skinning a large fallow buck last year in the field at the shot site for a client [his request] then splitting the carcuss into three and placing it into bin linners so he could get it into the boot of his audi.
    It certainly made me smile but he was over the moon.

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