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Thread: throat wear barrel wear etc

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    throat wear barrel wear etc

    im not sure which section to post this in so here goes im in the market for a 3006 and i think i have found what im after the problem is its at the other end of the country , now being un trusting when it comes to believing someone that wants my money what i need to to know is there any way i can check for throat crown barrel wear etc myself, if i decide to travel down and see said rifle myself. what i do know is its a tikka t3 hunter screw cut half inch unf shows signs of bush marks on barrel, the dealer is selling on behalf of client who says it has only done 50 rounds im waiting to see if i can talk to the client myself or if dealer will rfd before i buy ifas so my local rfd is as much us as tits on a fish . i am willing to send it to any rfd in the north west of england who knows his stuff and would be able to check it out for me does anyone have any advise or ideas that could help me thanks in advance Brian

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    from what a saw yesterday at the stalking fair .Callum ferguson had the camera for the barrels out side looked great inside could not believe what a saw. lets just say a would want the gun cheeked first of all as you have said ie the barrell was all pitted/ copper build up /scorred / full of rust /.some of them really bad .loads of good advice from callum many thanks Dean

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    Only done 50 rounds...bush marks...doesn't quite ring true.
    The advantage of a 30Cal bore is that it's less likely to get abused as easily as a 22Cal but honestly buying a secondhand rifle is as risky as a car.
    I'd look at the crown mostly: should be very sharp and have no marks "after 50 rounds"
    BTW get the dealer to photograph the muzzle with a camera in macro mode. Should be good enough to assess to decide on a trip.

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    if you can see his FAC you will know how many rounds hes bought

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    I'd be less worried about how many rounds it's done (within reason) than I would about the previous owner's cleaning regime - myself and a couple of guys from a syndicate I am in went over to see Callum last year and I was amazed at the damage not cleaning a rifle regularly can cause, even to stainless. I now clean my rifle every time I put it back in the cabinet, even if it's only to remove the powder and whatnot without removing the copper.

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    push a tight bronze brush through the barrel you can feel any rough area just after the chamber my .2506 is as rough as a badgers bum but still shoots well


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    I have several 30-06 rifles from the 1920's and 1930's that have been used quite a bit. They shoot very well. I wouldn't worry about "wear" too much in a relatively new model rifle. ~Muir

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    thanks for all your help ive bittenthe bullet so to speak can anyone help me with a good factory bullet for all uk deer species i mainly shoot red and roe but i do travel abroad for boar so hopefully i can find a one size fits all bullet thank Brian

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    if you can see his FAC you will know how many rounds hes bought
    Wouldnt show if he reloads for it trouble.

    Bushing marks happen easy if the bushing on the mod is to tight for the barrel

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