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Thread: help scope problems

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    help scope problems

    hi ive been having some problems geting the ret in my scopes to look straight after leveling the flat scope base with the flat picatinny on the rifle. its the same on both guns i have remmy 700 police in 223 and 308. any ideas on things i could check to see if its me of the scopes? all help appriciated. Cheers Stu

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    I just look at the butt from about 1 foot back and see if the reticule's in line with the vertical of the butt. I'm sure there's an expensive gadget someone will attempt to sell you but the former's good enough for me.

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    Square your rifle up on a bipod or in a gunsmith's vice, such that it sits square to you at your shoulder. Find something in your line of sight that is vertical - gatepost, streetlamp, whatever - or even hang a plumb line on the back fence - and line the reticle up with it and then carefully move to gradually tighten the rings, making sure your eye relief remains OK. You should be able to look through the scope with either eye and see it drop in line with your barrel.

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