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Thread: which scope???

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    which scope???

    Hi there all i know you have all heard this question a hundred times before but which scope do i choose?
    Im currently in the progress of getting my licence and have decided on my rifle (browning x bolt .243) just a scope now !
    it will be mainly for foxing/stalking. Also what magnification? i was thinking of 12x50 or so and either zeiss or nightforce but to be honest i would like some tried and tested advice!

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    Your scope needs to suit your needs. 12 mag is almost certainly too much for woodland stalking. Many like the simplicity of a 8x56 for its magnification and light gathering properties - but there's nothing wrong with variable mag.
    Much of the advice hereafter will be related to the budget you have for the scope. I would advise buying better quality second hand than cheaper first hand. You will need to look through some of these scopes to help you make a decision. I happen not to like the Zeiss coatings as for me they make everything quite blue - I know others who don't like Swarovski for a similar reason. One thing is certain - if you buy good glass, it will not loose you a lot of money and it will stand you in very good stead.
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    All depends on the type of stalking you want to do buddy myself I prefer to use s&b 8x56, I would say that a 12x50 would serve no purpose for general stalking activities.....

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    Hi there Eric cheers for the advice, i will probaly being doing a range of stalking hopefully all kinds woodland and hill, but i will be also doing a good dose of foxing, so will illuminated reticles be a must? Sorry if i sound amateur im just trying to gather as much information as possible. My friend has swarvoski on a .243 with a fixed mag and for the money it cost i was bitterly disapointed, i was looking to spend around 1000

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    zeiss duralyt 3-12x50 illumanted rec, good for woodland and open hill and a great illumnated dot

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    I personally use an 8X56 S&B and most stalkers seem to go either for the 8X56 or the 6X42 and I suspect there is a very good reason for that. Many people with variable scopes seem to keep them constantly set somewhere between 6X and 8X. I also believe that many people who shoot foxes go the 8X56 route. I've never used an illuminated reticle and I shoot most of my deer in dark commercial forestry at last light. They might be nice to have but all I can say is that I don't need one.

    As said above don't overlook the second hand options. If you have a budget of 1000 you could buy some top notch second hand glass in a fixed mag scope for 400 or less and that would leave you 600 to spend on stalking which would nearly pay for a week at red hinds. That is an easy choice to make as you get the best glass for the job plus you get a week at hinds and the only thing you lose out on is paying for full page colour adverts in in the shooting magazines :-)

    My personal view is that Nickel and Zeiss are currently making the scopes with the best glass. S&B and Swaro have adequate glass and I've never needed any more. I believe Nightforce is very popular with some Americans, I've only played with one on one occasion and it would not have been suitable for shooting sika at last light.
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    Hi there 223 thats the scope i have looking at and my friend has just put one on his tikka t3 lite so will be defo having a look!
    Is that a xbolt i see there in your thread pic?

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    Hi they caorach thats good sound advice, i will defo look second hand and think about saving me some money to spend on quality stalking!

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    I dont think that an illuminated reticle will benefit you or your needs. All the guys that i know who own illuminated scopes seem to have them purely to aid their driven shooting ability, when across the pond shooting driven game. 95% of the time they do not bother with the illumination facility of the scope.
    Thats not to say that others dont need them, but I dont think they are in any way essential, personally never having found the need for one.
    They are a good aid, however, for those that have rather less than perfect eye-sight, particularly at last light, helping to focus an aiming point on the target with greater ease.
    I would suggest you go and try one mate, being the only real way to make up your mind.
    Also, +1 on the zeiss Duralyt, Illuminated or not.

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    Meopta artemis unbeatable for the money and toughest scope about, 4b reticle is superb i,ve had them for years and also used zeiss Duralyt for past 2 years but just sold it and got another Meopta(3-12x50)

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