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Thread: Noronna

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    Has anyone used any of the noronna kit? Was wondering about the trousers and if they could in fact be waterproof - unlike any others that I have wasted money on so far........

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    a mate of mine has a pair, he says they are a good job waterproof, think they are a bit pricey though

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    They are and to be honest I don't want to spend any more money on something that doesn't work. I tried harkila which are expensive and seem great for woodland etc but got very wet when hill stalking as they soaked through when crawling etc.

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    i have a swazi bib n brace i find it great when your going to be doing alot of crawling, very waterproof

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    Was thinking about swazi - can you get them in uk anywhere or import only?

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    you can get them from ray mears, if you won the lotto, but i think its very reasonable to get them direct from swazi, go on there website then join as a clan swazi member for discount plus at the minute they have 20% off

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    Thks for that will have a look. Are they overtrousers?

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    think so they are not overly warm i just wear some thermals with them

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    Thks. Much cheaper than noronna. If you don't get a tax hit when they come in.

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    Nørrøna are pretty much top of the range kit over here and priced accordingly. Bergans (another Norwegian brand) also make good quality kit and are slightly more reasonable in price.

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