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Thread: Any one purchased?

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    Any one purchased?

    Has any one purchased a 2nd hand rifle blind from Mccleods?. They have a choice of three that I have an interest in 1 tikka m65 D/L 3395 1 Mannlicher M 495 & 1 Sako it was 550 on their site but on ringing they said they had now screw cut it so that would be another 120 please. I would have been quite interested in that one But 120, I think thats excessive and in reality breaking the trades descriptions act as it was not advertised as such on the web site.

    If anyone has purchased blind, delivered to RFD 1 did the product live up to description 2 did you have any agreement in place to return & refund if item did not stack up to description/expectations and 3 do you think that Mannlicher is worth it? The guy I spoke to reckoned that this was the best value out of the three but after all they just want to make a sale.

    I have recently purchased a S&B 2nd hand scope from them this would score 7/10 in their condition assesment but on receipt I would have given it a 5 thats why i am cautious. Shropshire to Scotland is a long way!!!

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    Very surprised at that, they have one of the best reputations going, both for value, (they will generally beat everyone else in the country) and honesty, if you could pull from this site all the references to McLeods, you would find that they would all be positive.


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    I haven't used them myself (yet) but a good friend of mine has used them seveal times and highly recommends them. I might need to use their services shortly, so it would be great to hear how you get on with them.

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    Macleods do have a good reputation. Gregor et al may not be the most communicative/ jolly bunch at times ( sorry Gregor ), but I know they take that reputation very seriously.

    I had a 6x42 Swarovski 2nd hand off them and fully met/ exceeded their rating - cant recall what is was now.

    Did you go back to them regards disappointment with the scope?

    In general I would rank Macleods pretty high on trust factor if buying sight unseen - certainly higher than one or two 'big name' outlets that spring to mind.

    Hope it works out.

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    Here in the States we usually have a "3-day Inspection Period" where you have 72 hours from the time of receipt to look it over, contact the seller, and have it shipped on it's way back if it's not to your liking. You might ask about that.

    Oddly, I have been to McLeods. From a Yankee point of view his merchandise seemed a little ...precious. That's not saying he isn't a straight up guy though.~Muir

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    Macleods are completely trustworthy. Gregor Macleod is a man I have known and dealt with for years and would trust %100. Any description that he gives you of any of his stock will be an accurate and honest appraisal of it. He takes his, well deserved, good reputation in the shooting world seriously and would never knowingly do anything to harm it. That's enough though the wee bugger will be getting big headed


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    I have bought 5 rifles from Mcleods, all blind.

    I spoke to Gregor about all of them and he gave me an honest desciption which, on arrival I found be totally accurate.

    Ask to speak to Gregor and ask him about the items your interested in, they have in the past also sent me additional pictures on request.

    I'm sure if you covered the cost he would be open to do something if you were unhappy.

    I fully intend to buy more from them in the future.


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    Muir - we have something similar in the UK, but its actually a statutory right. Under the Distance Selling Regulations, consumers (that's us) have 7 days in which to reject goods sold at a distance for any reason. So, that means that if you order something on the internet, by post or by phone, you can return it to the seller (at your own cost) within 7 days and you are entitled to a full refund (less the cost of posting). The item doesn't have to be faulty, nor does it need to have been described inaccurately - you just need to decide that you don't want it any more.

    There is also an interesting little provision in the regulations that means that if the vendor hasn't told you about this right to cancel the order within 7 days, you have 3 months (plus the original 7 days) from delivery to cancel and return the goods. Its a slightly complicated area, but the reg itself is below if anyone is interested:
    Sorry to hijack the thread, but its a useful bit of knowledge.

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    I have known Gregor McCleod for nearly all the years I have stalked the area around Tain, which is either 26 or 27 this year

    Great store, although slightly more expensive on some goods he does sell quality merchandise and I personally have always found him fair and honest with folk.

    I doubt you will have any cause to complain.



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    I bought a BRNO ZKK 601 in 243 "blind" from him in 2007 and a Zeiss Diatal-C 4x32 and Diatal-C 6x32 together "blind" in 2009.

    I had intended to have one or the other of the 'scopes...but kept both. His descriptions were honest and accurate and I was happy with my purchases in both cases.

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