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Thread: Tikka 595 Stainless / Laminate

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    Tikka 595 Stainless / Laminate

    For sale is a superbly accurate Tikka 595 stainless action in a loverly laminate stock.
    These rifle are quite rare especially in this condition.
    The rifle is also avaliable with a synthetic adjustable cheek piece stock that is perfect for a night vision scope or if you use a large objective lense scope- Add 50 on to the price for this option See photo 6
    It has the 3 shot mag and the bolt has a nice after market knob fitted.

    Here are a couple of clips of it in action fitted with the synthetic stock

    Rifle 595 - with some fired Lapua and Sako brass - SBK bullets - and load data

    There are lot of other 223 gear which are avalilble - either after the rifle has been sold or to the buyer

    100 Brand new Lapua case
    Tilt and swivel bipod - 9-13
    Weaver rail to fit 595 action
    Leupold QR 30mm mounts
    Otilock bases ( blued )
    A 3-12-44 AGS scope Never used
    full set of RCBS Dies

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    Can you give me first refusal on the following

    Bi pod
    and 100 cases

    PM sent
    Grampian Guns (RFD)
    Independant Moderator / Supressor Suppliers
    ..........for those who like a quiet life !
    Our mission.......Customer satisfaction......plain and simple.

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    I would be interested in the synthetic stock.

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    No worries.
    I want to get ther rifle sold first - I will give the buyer of the rifle first option on stocks and accessories.

    Then other item can go.


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    I would be interested in the Die set, assuming they are a full length set.

    Thanks Marty

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    No Worries - All the gear will be availasble once this beautiful rifle finds a new home.

    More details I should have included - The barrel is 22.5 inches and a 12 twist.
    The systhetic stock modifacaton was done last year by Staff Synthetic Stocks - It has been stiffened and the adjustable cheek piece added with cam lock. This cost 180.

    If anyone wants the rifle with this stock option - I will sell for the same price - 595 with cases / bullets etc

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    Please advise me? What is the weight of the rifle? What thread is the screw cut? Does the rings come with it? Cheers, jim

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    Hi Jimbo.
    Rifle weigh 6 1/2 lb - 22.5 inch barrel thread 1/2 inch unf.

    Yes I can include the ring mounts.


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    I would be interested in the laminate stock if it don't sell with the rifle

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