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Thread: how do you transport dogs/deer ?

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    how do you transport dogs/deer ?

    At the North Devon Show just over a week ago a bds member on the their stand told me that a dog should not be transported with a deer carcass where cross contamination can occur.

    I have a hi-lux double cab and two spaniels who are no good as deer dogs at all well only at eating the bits i dont want so these animals do not accompany me on stalks.

    I understand what the chap was saying and agree , I am however looking for a dog to train solely for deer work , but i am reluctant to let any dog ride with me in the truck once i have a carcass in the back. Now i quite often take my quad and trailer so the carcass could stay in that, but that is not ideal in that the quad is hot when loaded in the trailer and it is then covered.

    I can get around the problem but i am curious what others do !!

    Thanks cervushunter.

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    The simplest solution for what you descibe would be to get a carcass tray with a lid.

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    stand buck,

    Hi yes ok for the roe, but i shoot mainly red and sometimes have two or three carcasses at a time.

    Also if this access to a deer dog is going at some point to become "a must have". This might become more of an issue. I CAN get around contamination but what do others do who might not be as lucky as i (quad, trailer, double cab, large garage etc)

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    Just put the deer in an open try and keep your dog to one side whats the problem not a good idea to cover the deer for any length of time as it will cook in its own heat and that would be worse than having your dog sniff at the carcase.
    politically correctness will have us all not stalking and soon.
    Keep the carcase as clean as you can but Christ don't go over the top.
    No one in this country has ever died of food poising from venison.

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    Have the dog in a dog-cage and the carcass in a carcass-tray - job done


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    Bang on. Speak to lintran in Market Rasen. I have an Isuzu pick-up with a cab on the back. My two labs have a cage in the back, then a tray which will easily carry a couple of fallow. Simple. Of course if you are a proffessional hunter gatherer then you could get a refrigerated trailer to go behind the pick-up for all the carcasses.

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    Hi Mark
    How are you mate knowing the size of the buggers you shoot I see your problem, if it was me I would have the dog in the cab and Andy sat in with the deer but then again he might be worse than the dog

    sorry mate couldn't resist

    You would want a big pickup for a lintran box and half a dozen reds???
    Maybe some ventilation on your quad trailer???? I think it is nearly impossible to follow the guidelines to the letter you just have to do your best at the time

    Atb Wayne

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    Ok Wayne,

    We are just about to set off for launceston for the weekend, reds have been showing in good numbers with a couple of stags with them.

    The exmoor deer are up in numbers with alot more calves about this year i will save some for you and Andy

    See you in a couple of months

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    Hi Mark
    Looking foward to it mate, let me know how you get on and think of me when I'm sat at work 7 days a week at the moment.


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