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Thread: SGC!! What are the on!!

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    SGC!! What are the on!!

    I need to get a shell holder for my auto prime and great! SGC have them at £2.99 so I go through the process of checking out an then they want £5.99 for postage for a shell holder.

    SGC.... GET A LIFE

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    I had similar with 2 reloading items I bought a few weeks back. They cost £12 in total and the internet price was £7.99 to post them.
    ​I telephoned them and they agreed to post for about £3.50

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    Hi Paul.

    What Calibre holder are you looking for ??? I have a few Lee shell holders, but only use those for .222 / .243 / .30-06.... If it is one of the others that are still unused in the box, you can have it.... LEt me know the calibre, and I will check the list....

    All the best.


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    Postage charges get on my wick tbh I know sometimes it aint a lot of money on the whole but they need to be realistic.

    Looked at the Roe targets on BDS site and the price is fine, £3.30 for the main one and £0.35 each for the inserts - just under a fiver postage for something that's gonna come in an A4 envelope through Royal Mail is a bit steep though!! Sometimes it aint the money it's the feeling of being taken for a ride!!

    Or is it just me being grumpy on another cold Monday morning at work!!
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    Typical use of computers - crap in/crap out... It'll be a standard postage cost aligned to a single item, and the "cart" won't care about the weight or dimensions as over a quarter it will balance out
    Sorry, I appear to know what I'm talking about - I'll have a sit down
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    Neil, it's for a .223 for the auto prime size 4 if you can help cheers

    And on another RANT! Highland Outdoor Supplies don't reply to 'help' emails cause I'm due a replacement pair of Rovince trousers because the stitching under the fly and down the inside of the leg came away at the end of the stag season. I'm going to phone up and cry...

    I feel better know.

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    The best website I have ever come across for postage based on the weight of each item rather than a standard charge is StalkersUK. Very reasonable and those small items don't cost you a fortune in postage

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    from now on , due to the pleasure i get from input on this site.....(im more an armchair stalker due to my work!!!! currently in middle east and at least i can read and catch up get my shooting fix here)

    im gonna try to use the trade members on here...scott country etc....

    but if yer wanting cracking service etc etc on reloading then contact spud 1967 on here ( and again it goes back to a trade member who in turn are contributing to SD)

    sure he would sort you out for what you want to your satisfaction if gentleman above doesnt have the size your after.


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    yo paul i have a new one il bring it to scotland on friday regards tony

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    Midwayuk personally boil my p!#* £8.85 p&p even for a shell holder unbelievable!!

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