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Thread: swarovski or zeiss

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    swarovski or zeiss

    was looking for a bit of advise am looking at getting a set of range finding binos am looking at either the swarovski or zeiss and was wondering which ones would you pick in which size and reason why. all advice is welcomed

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    The coatings on the two companies lenses are very different - and therefore suit some better than others. I prefer Swarovski, but I'm not saying Zeiss are bad. I was impressed by a friends pair of Leica rangefinders recently. In short - look through both sets to see what suits you - they are both high end optics of exceptional quality. I would look carefully at availability before making an emotional commitment too.
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    i handled both at the shooting show recently and ended up going with the el range. i preferred the feel of the swaros.

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    Myself would be swaro no doubt after sales is certainly better in my experience than zeiss that's for sure

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    at the price of either set I would most certainly be hoping not too worry about aftersales service because you shouldnt have to use it!

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    Hi Corky,
    I was in this situation a long time ago regarding the optic quality between the two makes that you ask about and i was told that they are both top notch optics and your best choice is what feels the most comfortable to you to hold, that said swarovski has got a very good reputation for after sales service and sometimes you will have to use it.[

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    In a nutshell: whatever suits you best. I personally like Zeiss, but others feel Swarovski is a better fit for them. Try them both, if you can!

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    I have recently taken delivery of the Zeiss Victory 8x56 RFs. They are very impressive, far and away the best binos I ve ever had or looked through. Normally I can't see using binos without squinting one eye, but there's none of that here.

    The ergonomics, relatively light weight and massive build quality are amazing.

    Not used Swaros so can't comment there. I prefer the 'look' of the Zeiss stuff.

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    Both makes are very good and both leaders in the optic marketplace
    zeiss customer service has vastly improved over the last 12 months and I would now have no concerns with getting help from them should a problem occur

    ​regards andy

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