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    last night everyone was out so i thought nows my chance. phoned one farmer to let him know i would be coming over to knock a few bunnies over but there was no answer,i allways let him know,and i wont go on unless he is aware of me being out,so plan b,i phoned the local keeper and asked if he wanted me to have a sit out for a fox,he said yes and told me what part of the shoot to go on.he and his brother were on the other side of the valley doing the same job.any way got up to the land .223 on my shoulder and off i went heading to a very large game cover where the partridge will be going in about a weeks time.i know the land very well as i used to shoot on it with my dad for years untill a shoot was set up.i crept down one end to look down a steep bank but it has changed alot very over grown lot of ragwort couldnt see a thing,so i made my way to the other end where there is alot of gorse bushes and thought i would settle there and watch over the valley at that end of the cover.then the bloody cows turned up so that knackered that.any way i thought i had may has well give last look at the other end again on my way back to my truck and then i got over into the next field which used to be a moto x track untill they statred shooting over there,the partridge love it in the sand on the old track.i have taken loads of bunnies out of here but never seen a fox all the times i have been in there.just as i came around a large mound of earth i spotted a fox coming towards me about 50yrds away,it hadnt seen me,then a small covey of partridge jumped up making me an the fox jump,it looked up saw me a turned and away over the i quickly made my way around the mound of earth and crept up to the fence which allowed me to look down into the main valley with the track in and there was the fox about 70yrds walking down in ront of me,so off the top of a fence post i got ready whistled and it slowed down so a quick squeek and it stopped so away went the 55grn soft point and it dropped on the spot.happy days when i phoned the keeper when i got home him and his brother had shot one each so that was 3 off the shoot so he was well pleased.that was the first time i have been out for him and he has told me i can go out when ever i like.RESULT

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    great result

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    well done keep going and helping, you never know if he as some deer it might come your way.

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    you never know phil,deer are very few and far between on there but odd ones keep showing so it could be something in the future just keeping my eye in for when we go up to scotland,lets just hope fester forgets his stick on hairy knee scent pads which attract deer from miles around

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    well i went again last night,been sat out for around 10mins and charlie appeared on the other side of the valley on the moto x track about 150yrds away,sat watching over my direction,down on the bipod and another in the bag.keeper has asked if i can go more often.happy keeper

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    You'll be getting the foxing thing real bad soon!, I got the bug in 1974, I usually lamp 2/3 times a week, with an escalation during lambing, a recent visit to one farm with a problem of hens being done over resulted in six stretched out in two hours, three to my pal 200yds away on the other side of the yard, & three to me near a field with low ground in it! early bath that night!

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    i know what you mean,i have always done plenty of foxing/lamping but i do enjoy the last hour before dark.

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    same spot again yesterday evening just on the edge of dark and nothing at all so i started to call,bingo charlie came out of the ferns and that was that number 3 in the bag ,there cant be many more to go now

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    Nice write up Andy.
    Keep going to the same spot, You never know how many you will knock over there
    Im out doing the same tonight mate with Spen
    Lamping that is. Now thats gonna be a laugh as you can imagine

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    if the text i have had today was off you?you had a good night

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