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Thread: Howa 308

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    Howa 308

    Looked at the howa rifles up at Kelso and liked the look feel etc. I am hoping to be in a position to buy a 308 on the future and wonder, what these are like in that calibre?

    ​Any feedback welcome

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    I know I sound like a stuck record - but they are pretty good. Upgrade that to great for the money.

    My least favourite guise is the standard Hogue stock, but only because the B & C option is sooo good.

    I have a just in 308 Stainless on the bench to make up for John here - he's switching to it as his 308 professional use tool. Happily report back how it goes - good,bad or indifferent.

    Past customer 308 Howas have all shot very well with most ammo - but seem to love Federal and Privi in 308 - already reported they cannot get enough Geco 105grain 243 through them!

    ​As per usual, declared bias as we trade.
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    I have a .308 Howa 1500 stainless in wood stock, fitted with an ASE Utra mod in stainless. Rifle looks fine and shoots well, not much more to say really. Would not hesitate to buy one.

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    My Howa, lives right next to my Sako, nothing to choose between the two, excepting other peoples preconceptions!
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    I know a guy who just purchased a Howa Contractor, zeroed at 150 yards using a lamp and it clover-leafed, how much better do you want

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    Stainless, Axiom stock,T8 mod, with Federal Powershok or Privi it will clover leaf pattern at 100 yards
    If I was only allowed to keep 1 c/f rifle this is the one
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    All sounds very positive people thanks for all the feedbackfeedback

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    Sounds great Ive just bought one, not had the chance to shoot it yet but cant wait!

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    A local kid had a 308 heavy barrel he wants to sell. I wish I could buy it. I like Howa rifles quite a bit.~Muir

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