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Thread: Considering starting DSC 2

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    Considering starting DSC 2

    Hi people was considering starting my DSC 2. Was after any info, tips or advice anyone has about doing it. And any recommended places to Stalk that have the appropriate witnesses etc. Thanks in advance

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    Level 2

    Do not know how experianced you are but it is aimed at people with reasonable amount of experiance and can show reasonable amount of ability in all aspects of stalking.suggest if you have little or no experiance you find a mentor who is not going to rip you off money wise .There are experianced stalkers who will help you learn. There are also people who will charge you for stalking and my be fill in the forms but that does you nor stalking any good.
    level 2 is designed to show you understand something about the whole thing not just be able to shoot a deer.
    Take your time and enjoy learning.
    Dont Know what area you are in but there are some good blokes in this site who will help if you have a bit of ground of your own all the better.

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    We need to know where you are really mate before advice can be offered?
    The BDS gralloch DVD will give you some excellent guidance to start with. Some training with an AW would pay dividends before you actually embark on the assessments. I'm in East Anglia if that is of any use to you?

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    have some experience but looking to do alot more it says you have 3 years to build a portfolio so not looking to present the minimum portfolio etc 3 stalks. just wondering how other people have gone about it. Im in the South East of England so any places/people that you can recommend would be great

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    Hi lordy

    Taking my level two at the moment i would say go for it

    Ive met an AW that has given freely of his time and hasnt charged me for filling out my three requirements

    Hopefully whilst aquiring your witnessed stalks you will add a good few friends along the way.

    Good Luck


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    Hi Terry
    You were down with Lee in the New Forest a couple of weeks ago, i went down on the last day and had a great time. See you PM'd about Stalking Fallow and Roe in Sussex looking to do a day or 2 myself.


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