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Thread: An early Morning Spiker

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    An early Morning Spiker

    Got up this morning 2.45 am and got myself ready for a stalk on some Fallow Bucks or Spikers,after driving to the grounds it was just getting light enough to see what was what and as usual there were plenty of Fallow showing in most fields.Most of the Deer were in fields that we have'nt got the stalking in so we drove around to a different spot where Fallow are often seen,sure enough we came across groups of tens, twenties and even more in some spots, the only trouble was they knew we were about and were in not so good a stalking positions so we kept looking.After an hour or so i spotted a very big Fallow Buck looking through a gap in a hedge and i would say it was the biggest Buck i have seen on this ground he had a fine crop of Antlers on board he went back into the field and out of sight. I decided to walk across the field just to see if he had wandered down the field towards the wood, the field i had to walk across was very steep and i had to walk up and across about 200/300 yards to the gap where the Buck was seen,I got closer to the gap and cautiously crept closer to the opening into the other field the wind was perfect right in my face but it was a very cold easterly i looked through the gap to my right nothing there, two more steps and i had a glance to my left and at the top of the very sloping field i counted 35 plus Fallow and in the middle were 2 very good Bucks they were identical nothing to choose between them, the problem was they were walking up the slope and away from me i was un noticed so i crouched down and slowly made my way towards them. The 2 big Bucks had gone over the ridge at the top of the field i could just see the top of one's Antlers over the slope they were all making their way to a bit of common ground, i lay down in the field because i could see a nice Spiker stood broad side and unaware i was there but he was mixed up with 15/20 Does and i did'nt want to take a Doe this time of year for obvious reasons i waited to see if a chance would come my way.laying on the ground was freezing as there was a bit of frost about and the ground was wet aswell but i could'nt move after getting this close, i was 184 yards from the group that was left in the field i was in, the others had gone on to the common and out of shot the the group moved apart leaving the Spiker in a very safe shot and in the open i put the bipod down focused on the Deer and sent 100 grainer into the engine room a thud rang out and he stood staggering about and then dropped to the ground.My mate heard the shot and the thud and was soon on the Quad bike and coming up across the steep fields to retrieve to Deer. I was pleased with the shot not the big Buck i was hoiping for but a result in the end. .

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    They can't all be big Bucks Owen.


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